Control your emotions, walk away from drama, solve problems FAST



Sleep well at night, be positive & happy, focus on achieving your dreams instead



Therapy, reading 1000 self help books or sitting through a $3500 happy clappy seminar



If you’re not cultivating positive thoughts … or focusing on things that make you feel AMAZEBALLS … then you miss out on opportunities to attract love, happiness and a fulfilling life.




Because clearing ‘negative emotions’ opens up your creative brain, increases your confidence and gives you razor sharp problem-solving skills.




So are you ready to say a big fat ‘YES’ to mastering your thoughts so you can get on the field & play ball?



This is for you if;

* You Have Kung Fu Fights With People In Your Head: Your brain fabricates arguments, insecurities and scenarios that are either real or imagined where you get to be the hero … or feel crippling anxiety. And it’s affecting your relationships … because you feel disempowered and frustrated that you’re not in control.

* You Want To Be Successful WITHOUT Self-Doubt Climbing All Over Your Brain: All you wanna do is motivate, create, achieve and succeed. But those stupid little voices get in the way ... blocking you from being your awesome self.

* Your Procrastination & Overwhelm Are Like An Old Married Couple … Arguing About Who’s Right: They’re the ones who go hand in hand but are total pains in the arse when they’re together. So you wanna send them both far away into an orbit … never to be seen again!

* You’re Surrounded By Drama: You get caught up in petty little arguments or put imaginary hex’s out on people for being so awful. You feel like you’re consumed with negativity which keeps you strung out & unfocused.

* You Lie Awake At Night With Stress & Worry: Whether it’s work, your future, relationships or money problems, you toss, turn & clock watch until 3am. Which leaves you tired and scattered for work the next day.


When you could be making a positive & massive IMPACT in your life where you’re kicking goals & taking names.

Because while you’re not, time is slipping by … and nothing is being done to fix your situation




Here Are My 5 URGENT Reasons

Why you MUST master your mindset & channel your energy in a positive direction RIGHT NOW!

You’ll Take Control Of Your Emotions

With the negative thoughts & feelings out of the way, your head will explode with the awesomeness that comes out of it. New ideas, insights, AHA moments and creations pave the way to opportunities, offers and people totally loving on you.


You’ll Get Shit Done!

You’ll do more in 4 hours than you’ve done all year ... because you’re not wasting precious brain bandwidth blocking yourself ... or dancing around the ‘doing’ part.

It’ll Powerfully Affect Your Relationships

Your life will become drama free because you have solid tools to deal with problems that come up. You’ll emotionally distance yourself from toxic people and start to build strong, fun & fulfilling relationships because you’ll be a joy to be around.

You’ll Have More Energy

There’s no doubt that when people are ‘on point’ in their mindset, they feel energised and motivated. Your emotions will be more balanced, as will your ability to make shit happen … ASAP!


You’ll Be As Clear As A Shiny Disco Ball

Cut out all the fuzziness & noise. That way you’ll get a crystal clear perspective on what the hell you’re doing. Then you can block out the ‘internet advice mess-of-a-thing’ being thrown in your face every day to focus PURELY on your own brilliance (which you ALREADY have!).

5 Reasons Why I Can Masterfully Help You Solve This Brain Sucking Blockage In Your Head

* I Was You: Yep. I was a HUGE overthinker. I was plagued with negative thoughts that kept me trapped in my own head. It eroded my relationships, career and even my self esteem.

Eventually I got sick of always feeling anxious, depressed and frustrated. So I put on my big girl pants and studied the hell out of mindset, mindfulness, self awareness and positive thinking … and here I am.

* I’ve Studied Psychology Principles, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Performance & Happiness: Every single day I study. I’ve adopted thinking from some of the most powerful minds in the world and have a TON of personal experience in mastering my own mindset.

* I Work On Myself Daily: For true success, you MUST get diligent about personal growth. It’s key to you achieving your dreams. Every day I work through my own blocks, battles & barriers to come out the other side … and then I spread my pearls of wisdom to people like you, so you can do the same.

* I’ve Got A Whole Bunch Of Testimonials & Raves About Such Results: After just one mindset session with me, Leon got his ideal job after 3 months of unemployment, 50 applications, stressing about being too old (he’s 64) … and believing he’d never get the role he wanted. Until he got the role he wanted.

5 Ways Your Life Will Explode Into A Gigantic Success Bomb
With Overthunk

* You’ll wake up motivated to hit the gym, ask that person out, eat healthy, start your business, work on your goals and achieve your dreams!

* Create a life that’s so freakin happy clappy because you’re in complete flow & presence with your health, wealth, relationship & self goals.

* You'll feel secure in relationships with partners, friends & workmates because your mind will be focused on the positive

* A clear head and solid direction with your career and life goals with daily focus and hungry hyena-like motivation.

* Undoing years of shitty conditioning that’s kept you stuck, limited and thinking you’ll never make it … by FINALLY figuring out that it was all an illusion and really, you ARE destined for greatness (and should’ve known all along).

So the NEXT question is a big fat HOW will this happen.

Check out the next bit for my system of powerful mind mastery …

OVERTHUNK: 4 Steps To Clarifying, Conditioning & Mastering Your Mindset

So you’ve got more self awareness, high confidence and belief that you’ve got what it takes to be successful in EVERY area of your life!

Here’s What’s Inside ...


Tame The Chimpanzee: Learn how to train your brain into positive & problem solving focus. Where simple practice & repetition will turn your ultimate fantasies into a complete creation of reality … because you’re consciously deciding & going for everything you want.

Smash Fear To Pieces: Discover my mindblowing technique for killing that ‘I can’t’ bs in your head. Where the blocks, limitations, fears and rules you have around being successful are gone … giving you the mental & emotional freedom to ‘just get on with it’.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Learn how to condition your behaviour by the way you see & approach your goals. Your thoughts create your reality, so you’ll learn how to manifest mind boggling results with simple thought processes.

Calm The Drama: Eliminate drama & toxic relationships from your life. You’ll also learn how to clear your emotional triggers that hold you back from succeeding.

Kill Negative Emotions: Master your emotional reactions to negative situations. You’ll learn how to problem solve fast & then move on without attachment, resentment or feeling like you need closure. This way you’ll make more powerful decisions using logic and by calculating your risks while keeping a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

Ultimate Life Rituals: Learn the rituals I do every day to master my mindset. Simple daily activities that cultivate your mind, body & spirit so you find balance in everything you do.

Self Awareness: Learn your motivations, triggers and deepest, most honest desires. When you’re self aware, you’ll catch your bad behaviours & thoughts before they get out of control. This breaks the pattern & changes your attitude, thus changing your results.

Here's What You Get

  • 4 x Audio modules to download & listen to in your car, at the gym or on your morning walks
  • 1 x Workbook chockas full of brain shifting questions & activities to organise your thoughts & clear the blocks
  • VIP access to the Life Reinvention Learning Hub community where you can ask questions, seek support and share your successes



Are You Still In 'I'll (Over)Think About It' Mode?

If so, I've addressed your most burning thoughts below.

‘I haven’t got time’

You can download the audios, put them on your phone & listen to them on the way to work, at the gym or even just cleaning the house. Then you can do the worksheets on a lazy Saturday afternoon 🙂


‘I’m pretty bad with my overthinking, I don’t know if it’ll work for me’

You DO realise that’s just more overthinking don’t you? What’s the alternative? Not doing it will be EVEN LESS effective. It’s as simple as that. If you block solutions & give up on yourself before you’ve even tried, then yes, it won’t work. Any kind of change needs you to get off your patootie & make it happen.


‘I’ll do it another time’

How much this is costing you right now? The depression, anxiety, drama & conflict will be cleared in a few hours. So the longer you leave it, the more it lingers.

PLUS this offer is only available until Saturday so you’ll miss it if you put it off.


‘What if I need help?’

You get access to the Life Reinvention Learning Hub community so you can ask questions, seek support and share your wins. You won’t be doing this alone.


‘Will this help me with my insecurities in relationships?’

YES! You’ll learn how to get out of your head & eliminate the overpowering self doubt. You’ll also get clear about what you want to create in your relationships so that you put your energy into that instead.


‘Will this help me with my career aspirations?’

YES! Because you’ll get rid of the procrastination and fear that’s getting in your way right now … while getting super clear about what your next steps are. This will give the confidence to make the next move.


‘Will this help me with my self esteem?’

YES! Most of what you think erodes your self esteem. So when you change your thoughts about yourself, you’ll also change your attitude and self worth.


So Are You Ready To Explode Your Mind & Life Into A Gigantic Success Bomb Of Positivity?





4 x Audio modules full of truth bombs to blow your mind & blow up your life!

1 x Workbook chockas full of psychology & NLP based questions to shift your mindset and change your perspective

VIP access the The Life Reinvention Learning Hub FB group