Attract well-paying clients to your business, score your dream job, improve your social life



Your hilarious, messy, fun, crazy (and slightly immature) self



The stick figure crayon pictures on your mum’s wall



You need to stand out if you want to succeed in ANY area of your life ... 

**because wallflowers don’t get invited to parties


Whether it’s trying to find a job on LinkedIn, attracting clients on Facebook or socializing at your local pub.

It doesn’t matter!!

You MUST stand out so far that people drool over every word you say … (and you can do it without having to act like Tony Robbins on crack to get attention)



It builds your confidence – because you KNOW what you’re about. Self love will radiate out like big sunbeams as a result. People pick up on all that positive self-loving energy … and mirror it back to you. In the form of job offers, invitations to parties … and even marriage.

It makes you relatable & approachable. People KNOW when you want something from them … when you have an agenda. So when you’re completely REAL (warts & all), it breaks down the barriers of mistrust & strengthens their desire to throw money, parties or knickers at you.


Because The Truth Is … People BUY From People … Especially Ones They Like …

And EVEN MORESO From Ones That Make Them FEEL Something

(whether it’s dating, job hunting or selling your fridge on Gumtree)


Your confidence & self-assuredness makes other people feel good in your presence. Because they feel safe, trusting and open to be themselves as well.

This makes for solid, strong relationships, because you’re being real with them … which opens their hearts, their minds and their wallets.

So they’ll tell someone, who’ll tell someone, who’ll tell someone.


And before you know it, you’ve created a bunch of raving fans loving on everything you do!




This is for you if;

* You Want To Attract Clients/Customers: No one buys from stiff, boring ‘buy my shit’ people. People buy from REAL people who aren’t scared to put themselves out there by being entertaining & fun. It builds trust, likeability … and compels people to climb all over each other to buy your stuff.

* You Want To Grab Attention And Get The Job: As a former HR recruiter, job trainer and someone who’s had millions of jobs … I can tell you that EVERY SINGLE RESUME has the same, tired words in them!! So you’ll learn how to inject loads of personality into your applications & interviews that’ll have them googly eyed and dying to hire you.

* You Want More Confidence: When you know yourself at a deeper level & create a personal brand around that, your confidence grows. It gives you the foundation for confidently sharing who you are without fear of rejection or judgement.

* You Want To Improve Your Social/Love Life: You want to confidently flirt, converse, entertain and make other people feel amazing in your presence … which opens doors for invitations, offers … and even phone numbers 😉


When you could be making a positive & massive IMPACT in yours (and others) lives by being 100% authentic.

Because while you’re not, people don’t know what they’re missing. So they won’t buy from, hire, invite or date you.




Here Are My 5 URGENT Reasons

Why you MUST create a personal brand to get clients, attract recruiters and improve your social life

The BEST Way To Stand Out Is To Be You

People are HUNGRY for real. They want you to say things they’re scared to say & do things they’re scared to do … this makes you a HUGE influence in their lives. There’s so much ‘vanilla-boring-samey-same’ out there, that by injecting every part of your personality in everything you do, it’ll be like cocaine to them. They’ll get addicted.


You’ll Open Eyes, Hearts & Wallets

Sharing stuff about yourself acts like a gigantic magnet … and attracts your ideal tribe (while repelling people you don’t want to hang out with). It’s endearing, enlightening and shows them sides of themselves that they’ve hidden for so long. They’ll be so overwhelmed with gratitude, that the ‘let’s do business’ part will be a no brainer.


You’ll Have More Energy & Excitement About Life

There’s no doubt that when people are ‘on point’ in their self-confidence, they feel energised and motivated. Your sense of self will be super strong and you’ll feel amazing because you’re in complete congruence with who you are. Not only that, ideas & inspiration will flow out of you & into other people’s minds.


You’ll Deeply Understand Who You Are

You’ll get a crystal clear perspective on what you’re truly about – your values, dreams, goals, interests, passions, sense of humour. This will match you up with people who share similar views on life.


You’ll Be Seen As A Leader & Influencer

We’re all a bunch of sheep at the end of the day … so we’re always on the search for someone to tell us we’re ‘doing ok’. Imagine having such a HUGE impact on people’s lives, that it transforms them into something they never thought possible.

5 Reasons Why I Can Masterfully Help You Brand Yourself In Your Work & Your Life

* I’ve Branded Myself: Everything I do is a result of my own personal branding. I decided I wanted to accentuate my real, funny, silly & self-deprecating … but also no bullshit, straight-to-the-point sides. This improved my confidence, business, social life … because I know what parts of myself to emphasise in my work & personal life. This makes who I am completely congruent in every area of my life.

* I Share Every Part Of Myself Online & In My Life: I don’t hold back on anything. I didn’t want a ‘persona’ that I had to keep up to avoid people knowing the real me. It’s exhausting! And people subconsciously know when you’re not being 100% real with them. So I gave myself permission to share all of me ... even the bits that show my weaknesses.

* The Best Jobs I Got Were From Writing Applications Full Of Personality: One letter in particular I shared to my job skills class & half the students got jobs as a result.

* I Work On Myself Daily: For true success, you MUST get diligent about personal growth. It’s key to you achieving your dreams. Every day I work through my own blocks, battles & barriers to come out the other side … and then I spread my pearls of wisdom to people like you, so you can do the same.

* I’ve Worked In Business, Recruiting & Teaching … And Authenticity Trumps Professional-Conservative (yawn): I’ve been on both sides of the fence. And being able to express myself fully (even the wine loving boozy part) is more liberating and reflective of who I am than the suit-wearing, no-swearing Ainsley I tried to be.

5 Ways Your Life Will Explode Into A Gigantic Success Bomb
With RAW Authenticity

* You’ll express yourself openly to the world … with no scruples about what people think … because you’ll have owned all parts of yourself, good & bad (so no one can hold anything against you)

* You’ll attract a posse of raving fans who share the shit out of your stuff because they love you so much

* There’ll be no such thing as competition … because there’s only 1 you … and that’s what people will buy (metaphorically & literally)

* A clear head and solid direction with your career and life goals with daily focus and hungry hyena-like motivation.

* Undoing years of shitty conditioning that’s kept you stuck, limited and thinking you’ll never make it … by FINALLY figuring out that it was all an illusion and really, you ARE destined for greatness (and should’ve known all along).

So the NEXT question is a big fat HOW will this happen.

Check out the next bit for my system of powerful personal branding …

RAW Authenticity 

How To Use The Power Of Your Personality To


In business, career & social life

So you’re blowing the minds of everyone who interacts with you


Here’s What You'll Learn ...


MODULE 1: Through Your Own Eyeballs

Claim Your Identity: An audit of your strengths, weaknesses, passions, desires, skills, abilities, values and experience … so you can see on paper what’s motivating you in your life. This builds a solid foundation to start creating the YOU you most want to be.

Owning The Dodgy Bits: The #1 activity to uncover the dodgy things you’ve experienced in life so you can take ownership of them. This will make you appreciate them and use them as a way to connect with others.


MODULE 2: Sell Them A Story

Story Incubator: Learn how to use your stories as key triggers for connecting with others.


MODULE 3: Bring On The Funny!

Loving On Your Idiocyncrasies: Get clear around those little things that make you, you. So you can match yourself with clients, jobs, dates & new friends by using them in your writing, selling, interviews & conversation.

Find Your Hilarious: Learn how to tap into your funny every single day, so you entertain people & break the ice in all situations. This will also help you write entertaining material for your posts, videos, job applications & even dating profiles.


MODULE 4: Social Magnet

Attract Your Tribe: Discover a way to attract people who’ll love you into your fold because your energy’s so much fun to be around. Thus resulting in love, worship & dowry’s.

The Soft Sell: My simple method for selling yourself in a non pushy, desperate way … by being completely yourself & trusting that they’ll come to you because it’s YOU they love (and you’re a persistent little mofo who won’t give up … but in a nice, helpful & loveable way).

Here's What You Get

  • 4 x Audio modules to download & listen to in your car, at the gym or on your morning walks
  • 1 x Workbook chockas full of brain shifting questions & activities to organise your thoughts & clear the blocks
  • VIP access to the Life Reinvention Learning Hub community where you can ask questions, seek support and share your successes



Are You Still In 'I'll Think About It' Mode?

If so, I've addressed your most burning thoughts below.

‘I haven’t got time’

That’s why you can download the audios, put them on your phone & listen to them on the way to work, at the gym or even just cleaning the house. Then you can do the worksheets on a lazy Saturday afternoon 🙂


‘I’ll do it another time’

This offer is only available until Saturday so you’ll miss it if you put it off.


‘What if I need help?’

You get access to the Life Reinvention Learning Hub community so you can ask questions, seek support and share your wins. You won’t be doing this alone.


‘Will this help me with my MLM business?’

YES! You’ll learn how to stand out from every man & his dog doing the same thing. I teach you how to sell in an authentic way that builds trust and likeability in people rather than the rabid hatred they get when you send them a ‘Hi I’ve joined the fastest growing company ever and you should buy my shit because of that’. You’ll learn how to sell YOU first. And the products second.


‘Will this help me with my online busines?’

YES! People buy from YOU. Of course they buy the result you can give them, but to attract them in to do that, you’re the face of your brand first & foremost. So you need to be someone they love & adore … and want to buy from (instead of the competition).


‘Will this help me with my self esteem?’

YES! When you’re clear about who you are, it boosts your confidence in a massive way … because you’ve created a foundation of understanding yourself. So your social value will rise and you’ll stick in people’s minds … because you made them feel amazing in your presence … because you were amazing to be around.



4 x Audio modules to clarify your personal brand so you shine bright like a diamond at every occasion

1 x Workbook chockas full of ways to find your funny, connect with clients, customers, recruiters ... even dates

VIP access the The Life Reinvention Learning Hub FB group